Posted: January 9, 2017

Robinson Hall Replacement

A new 218,000 GSF building and landscape courtyard will be constructed on the site of the existing Robinson Hall. The structure will house university classrooms, workplace, the Mason Innovation Exchange, and community spaces.

Project Vision

A vibrant, globally connected hub for intellectual exploration, through rich, transformational learning and research experiences that draw on both tradition and innovation to prepare students, faculty and staff for a bright future.

All will join in exploring the power of ideas, to better understand the world in which we live, and to contribute to human thriving.

Humanities and Social Sciences explore individual and social experiences and values through qualitative and quantitative means in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

A national example of a healthy, thriving community of people and ideas

Utility Infrastructure Improvements

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Much of the underground piping in the Fairfax Campus core has been there since the university’s central plant was constructed in 1974.  The primary purpose of this project is to replace this aging infrastructure.  There are 4 main components to the project:

Roger Wilkins Plaza Replacement and Expansion

The existing Wilkins Plaza (formerly known as North Plaza), one of the signature open spaces on campus that provides the primary space for student activities in the landscape will be replaced.  The length of the overall plaza will also be extended from Robinson Hall (its current eastern most extent) east to Southside Dining.  Grade extensions at the Wilkin’s Plaza extension will require raising the existing high temperature hot water tunnel walls to bring surface walkway slopes into compliance with ADA guidelines for this major pedestrian artery.

The new plaza will provide places for events to take place, areas for informal seating with wifi coverage and power hook ups, spots where student organizations can provide information about events and other happenings on campus, as well as providing safe access for fire vehicles to the center of campus.

Existing Wilkins Plaza landmarks such as the George Mason Statue and Clock Tower will remain in modified locations and there will be a new water feature designed to honor Roger Wilkins important influence on Mason.

Underground Utility Replacement and Expansion

The underground piping improvements includes replacement and/or installation of approximately 16,255 LF of chilled water piping within the campus thermal infrastructure loop system.  Approximately 2,300 linear feet of this chilled water pipe creates a new looped connection to the northwest sector of the Fairfax Campus providing improved reliability and flow.  The project also builds 100 LF of new tunnel with 200 LF of high temperature hot water piping to enable increased redundancy in the hot water system in the northeast sector of campus.

Chilled Water Building Feed Replacements

Hand in hand with the replacement of piping, the scope of this project also includes he replacement of chilled water feeds into the mechanical rooms of seven buildings.  These seven buildings are, Eagle Bank Arena, Music Theater Building, Planetary Hall, Enterprise, Commonwealth, Dominion and SUB1.

High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Piping Upgrade in Commons Housing Area

While the HTHW loop in the Commons housing area is being completed as a part of this project, this new 4” pipe connects to an existing 2” HTHW pipe.  This 2” pipe will create a hydraulic challenge when water gets back-fed through it in the opposite direction from its current flow.  In addition, the existing 2” pipe is beyond its useful life requiring replacement.  Since the housing area will already be closed to replace the chilled water piping it was determined that this same time frame will be most efficient for the university to replace and upgrade the existing HTHW pipes.